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Lawn Care Programs

We offer two lawn care programs to meet every lawn's needs.

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Programs One and Two Include

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass controls in the spring.
  • Broadleaf weed controls at each service as needed.
  • Balanced slow and fast release fertilizers at each service.
  • Five Timely Visits : Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall and Late Fall.

Program One Also Includes

  • Spot seeding
  • Pelletized lime
  • Disease controls as needed

If any unexpected problem arises between our regularly scheduled visits or if you are not satisfied with an application, we will return to correct the problem at no charge. Free service calls are part of our commitment to our customers scheduled for the yearly program.

Coring Aeration

Coring aeration is the removal of small cores of soil from the lawn. Overseeding, following core aeration allows the seed to come in direct contact with the soil. Seed germination rates are much greater when there is direct contact between the soil and the seed. Aeration also allows fertilizer, water and air to quickly reach the root zone of your grass, producing healthier turf. Our specially designed aeration equipment also reduces soil compaction and helps retard thatch buildup.


Lawnscapes uses quality certified seed which will be the most suitable variety for your lawns' condition. Lawn renovation and reseeding will help to develop healthy, dense, vigorous turf. This is one of the best preventative methods of controlling weeds and other pests.

Grub Prevention

Grubs can feed on the roots of your lawn, mainly in August through October, which can lead to browning and dead areas in the lawn. A summer application kills the next generation of grubs as they hatch, preventing damage to your lawn.

Soil Testing / Soil Corrections

Soil testing will give us important information about nutrient content and Ph level. Testing is done through local Universities. This is required by the state of Maryland. Results will determine if any additional lime, phosphorous and/or potassium are needed to maintain a healthy lawn.